BGAN software

GateHouse is currently the only independent provider of embedded protocol software for Inmarsat BGAN terminals.

The GateHouse software is at the core of terminals from the majority of BGAN terminals manufacturers.The first development project started in 1999 and since then, the satcom team at GateHouse has become highly experienced experts in the many aspects of BGAN terminal development.

We offer a partnership with a leading-edge software provider giving the following direct benefits:

  • Rock-solid, field-proven IPR platform

A partnership with GateHouse means access to a rock-solid, field-proven IPR platform based on more than 100 man-years of accumulated expertise. Our track record contains more than 10 completed and type approved BGAN terminal development programs across many different hardware platforms – for aeronautical, maritime and land mobile usage.

  • Reduced development costs and time-to-market

The embedded software package from GateHouse is an attractive alternative to in-house development which will bring BGAN terminal projects through to Inmarsat Final Type Approval faster, with considerably fewer risks and at a competitive and flexible pricing model.