We integrate all... Numerous of telematics providers have already joined our platform

An integration makes telematics providers' data available through our technological platform ghTrack, and provides the opportunity to see transport data from different telematics providers in one consolidated view. 

Who can join?

Any telematics provider can be integrated with our technological platform ghTrack. 

Why should you join?

An integration gives telematics providers the possibility to make data more accessible and shareable. The integration does not affect the way telematics providers do business with their customers. The integration will run as a parallel data extract to the existing business as a supplement generating new possibilities and higher flexibility for the end-user. In short, an integration with our platform adds value in regards to customer service - customer service to our customers, but also the customers of telematics providers. 

Who have joined so far?

Below you find some of the telematics providers on the ghTrack platform. If you don’t find all the telematics providers which are relevant to you, please take into note, that new telematics providers are integrated every week and that new providers will be integrated, when needed by one of our customers. You can see the full status list of integrations here.

Do you need further information about the technological platform?

Please go to the information page Our Platform or request information via one of the boxes to the right.






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